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Ready to be the most self-confident & fashionable version of yourself?

"Confidence is the best fashion accessory" - said the famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood decades ago. The question is, how do you manage to achieve self-confidence and self-esteem by means of fashion? How do you know with certainty that a piece of clothing suits you or that an outfit reflects your personality, your taste and your own lifestyle?

If you are feeling lost in the world of fashion or overwhelmed and unconfindent about your style, then you are at the right destination! Fashion styling is much more than just clothing: style is a feeling of confidence, satisfaction, empowerment and success. Identifying your own style is not always easy, but once you found it there are so many advantages:

  • Confident and attractive appearance in clothes that suit you perfectly

  • Self-confidence and satisfaction - if you feel comfortable in your outfit, you will inspire others too!

  • More space in your wardrobe - finally just the right clothes for you!

  • Many versatile combinations for your outfits

  • More free time for you, as you will be significantly faster and more effective on your shopping tours

  • No more bad purchases! If you know what suits you, you will no longer go wrong and save money on the side.

So, are you ready to make every outfit a statement of style & self-confidence?

Let's start together your individualized style journey and bring to life the best version of yourself. My services include a wide range of packages that can be individualized according to your specific needs, in order for you to look and feel your best. Of course, all styling sessions can take place both physically or virtually - it is all up to you!

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... is only one step away, so let's discover it together!

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This course delivers fundamental styling knowledge and is mandatory as a first step before booking any further style services.

During this styling session you will learn about your best colors and your body shape, about the tones that compliment your skin and about the shapes/patterns that flatter you the most.

More than this, we will adapt these pieces of information according to your own personality, fashion taste and lifestyle and create your own personalized Style Book - this Book is fundamental for you in order to be successful with all further styling courses that I am additionally offering.

Duration: 1 hour

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Do you also belong to the people that only wear 20% of their clothing for more than 80% of their time - and still complain about having nothing to put on? Well, don't worry, you are not alone!


During this styling session we will curate all your clothing and accessories and decide which pieces suit you and how to integrate them into expressive outfits - everything based on the valuable knowledge that you gained before within the Style & Image Course. 

At the end of this styling session I will create an individualized Closet Checklist, identifying which pieces of clothing are you lacking for a diversified wardrobe. The missing items will be integrated in a personalized mood board - if you desire, we can purchase these items together during our next joint styling session. 

Duration: 3 hours (additional time could be necessary for bigger wardrobes)



Do you want to save time, energy and money during your next shopping round? Is your wardrobe full of items that you bought without being certain about and that you already don’t like the moment you arrive back home after your shopping round? Well, I am here to help!

Whether you need a few new trendy pieces for your everyday style, or maybe you’re missing those key wardrobe staples that will take your outfits to the next level—I will accompany you on your shopping journey and make sure to guide you towards the pieces and styles that compliment your body shape and reflect your personality - everything based on the knowledge you gained in your own individualized Style Book. 

Duration: individually planed

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Do you need a seasonal wardrobe update or are you simply searching for some key, statement pieces to elevate your next looks? Did you have the Wardrobe Check and found out, that there are still many items missing in your closet, but you don't have the time or energy to go search for them?

The Wardrobe Upgrade & Virtual Shopping session is the answer! Just inform me in advance about the budget and I will provide you a personalized mood board with shoppable links. During our styling session I will present you the suggested items and also provide complete outfit proposals, showing you how to integrate the new pieces into your everyday life, from morning until evening.  

Duration: 2 hours

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Do you have an important event coming soon and you are feeling overwhelmed, having no clue what to wear?  For both business and private occasions I am more than happy to support you with my styling skills & expertise.

Regardless if it is an interview, a wedding, an official festivity, a party or a black-tie event, I will deliver you the right solution! Just give me the date and the budget and I will provide 3 possible outfits, making sure to respect your body shape, your colors and your personal taste.

More than this, I can additionally organize a hair & make-up artist for the due-date, so that you can look and feel the best!

Duration: individually planed

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